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Alternative Dairy Initiative Mission Statement:

To enable the local production and utilization of safe and delicious farm fresh milk and dairy products on appropriately-scaled, humane, responsible, and community-based dairy farms.


The Tools We Use To Accomplish Our Mission:



ADI seeks to provide information to both farmers and consumers alike, about the benefits of the production and consumption of safe and delicious farm-­fresh milk.  ADI works to promote milk produced locally on sustainable community based farms as a viable and healthy alternative to commodity or generic milk. ADI promotes the use of humane practices for the sustainable treatment of farm animals. 

We recognize it can be daunting to find resources and information regarding the start­up, operation and maintenance of a sustainable community based dairy farm.  It can be especially difficult for new farmers. ADI maintains an online library of resources and information that is continually updated.  We offer it for free on our website. It includes a state-­by-­state listing of raw milk regulations, a national listing of community based and sustainable dairy farms, and news and information regarding sustainable production practices to produce the safest, best tasting milk.  The library is separated into two specific categories: Farmer and Dairy Lovers. 


ADI operates an FDA-certified dairy testing lab.  We test milk for both farmers and consumers to determine if the milk is safe and the dairy animals that produce it are healthy. Our facility offers a wide variety of tests.  Our long-term goal is to develop the ability to offer low cost, or even free, milk quality and safety testing services for farmers and consumers alike, for all dairy animals in all of the 50 states.


ADI demonstrates efficient, humane and sustainable dairy management programs and dairy food production techniques for the local production of safe and delicious farm fresh milk on sustainable, community-­based dairy farms.  When possible, we offer various workshops on such topics as cheese making, livestock management, and operation of sustainable/low impact farms.  

We also demonstrate that producing safe and delicious farm fresh milk and dairy products for your family, neighbors and community can be an exciting, enjoyable and rewarding experience. As the old saying goes, there are a thousand ways to manage a dairy farm. The only thing that matters is that you do it right.

We at ADI are constantly seeking out and researching management programs and techniques that reduce start­up costs, minimize land requirements and the time required to operate a sustainable and community based dairy farm. That is the “why” behind the Alternative Dairy Initiative. Join us as we create alternatives for dairy farmers and consumers all across America!

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