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Alternative Dairy Initiative
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We seek to empower dairy producers to regain control of milk prices through direct sales.

Over the past 100 years, as farms have grown in size but shrunk in number, many small farms remaining have struggled to compete with the artificially low prices of commodity milk, leaving their products, often of higher quality, overlooked.

The resurgence on farmer's markets and an increased social desire to "Know Your Farmer" provides smaller producers with the perfect opportunity to take back the reins and sell their milk for it's true value and keep the profits on the farm. 

Direct Marketing

By direct marketing to consumers, farmers can demand the prices their products deserve and keep more of their profits to themselves than they would if selling through a milk cooperative or distributor. 

In many states, if you are attempting to sell your raw milk at a farmers market you must have a raw milk disclosure sign- Use our dairy directory to check your states laws for more information.

 Click here to download your very own sign!


From Commodity to Specialty 

Expanding the "alternative" dairy market will help shift the view of milk from a commodity to specialty product, produced for quality, not quantity and encourage farmers to compete with their marketing skills. 


What can ADI do for you?

  • Know the regulations for how, when, and where you can advertise if you are selling raw milk. Our Dairy Directory can help you find state-specific regulations.

  • Sign up as a Farmer Member and receive free consultation services!

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