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Raw Milk Regulations

“On-farm retail sales” of raw milk and raw milk products are legal to the “final consumer.” The farmer can only advertise the sales of raw dairy with a sign posted on the farm. The sign must state that the milk or milk products are raw. Farmers must clearly label as “ungraded raw milk” each container of unpasteurized milk for sale.

Farmers whose business consists only of on-farm sales of raw milk do not need a license to operate. The Department of Agriculture considers farmers selling raw butter or cream to be running a “dairy manufacturing plant” and requires them to obtain a dairy manufacturing plant license.

The state does not inspect farmers selling raw milk and raw milk products on a routine basis like they inspect farmers selling Grade A raw milk for pasteurization. They only inspect raw milk and raw milk product sellers if there is a complaint.

Relevant Law:
K.S.A. 65-771

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