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Raw Milk Regulations

Raw milk sales for human consumption are illegal. Cowshare programs exist in the state and are legal. Cowshares do not constitute a “sale” under the statutory definition of the word.

Raw milk sales for animal consumption are legal on the farm and in stores if the farmer has obtained a commercial feed license from the state.

Details: A group of farmers and consumers is working on the liberalization of raw milk sales in Indiana and several active cowshare programs are underway, with state approval. If you would like to help, contact Steve Bonney at steve@sustainableearth.net or (765) 426-0420.

Relevant Law:
IN ST 15-18-1-21


Bret D. Marsh, DVM, Indiana State Veterinarian
Indiana State Board of Animal Health
Discovery Hall, Suite 100
1202 East 38th Street
Indianapolis IN 46205
Email: animalhealth@boah.in.gov
Phone: (317) 544-2400


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