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Raw Milk Regulations

Raw milk sales are legal on the farm if the farmer complies with the following conditions:

No advertising the sale of raw milk.

Customers must bring their own individual containers. If the farmer uses his own container to bottle the milk, he is operating a “milk plant” according to the Department of Health Regulations, and the milk must be pasteurized. The farmer can only collect the milk in the customer’s container. The farmer cannot process the milk in any way. Sales of raw cream and raw butter are illegal.

The farmer must produce the milk “in accordance with the Department (of Public Health) rules and regulations. “The Department does not apply these rules and regulations, including the permit requirement, to farmers with just a few cows who sell raw milk only on the farm.

Relevant Law:
410 ILCS 635/8

Department of Public Health
122 S. Michigan Avenue, 7th and 20th Floors
Chicago, IL 60603
Phone: 312-814-2793

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