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Alternative Dairy Initiative
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Welcome to ADI's Farmer Homepage!

Here we've put all of our farmer services in one handy spot.

Click on the images below to see what ADI can do for you: 


 Dairy Directory

  It's free to list your farm on our Dairy Directory.

  This web-based, state-by-state tool helps farmers and consumers connect.

  Once on the page, click the link at the bottom to get your farm listed.


 Raw Milk Regulations

  This is an added feature of our Dairy Directory.

  Click on your state to see how they stand on raw milk.

  We've linked to the state statutes where possible.


 ADI Milk Lab

  We can test your milk! 

  Order a kit, fill it with samples, and send it back for testing.

  Check out the Test Packages to get discounts.


 Farmer Membership

  Get 10% Off all your lab fees by becoming a member! 

  Benefits also include free guidance and consultation services.

  ADI's founder has over 50 years of experience in dairy.


Technician & Equipment Directory

  Use this tool to find equipment technicians & dealers near you.

  The list is compiled state-by-state. 

  Take some time to drool over this beautiful new milking unit.


 Dairy in the News

  Stay in the loop on what's new in dairy!

  Subscribe to our email list and get regular updates.


 Farmer Forum

  Connect with your fellow farmers!

  Learn tips & tricks from and even seek out dairy animals.

  If you have a wealth of experience, leave some advice for others.


Always feel free to call or email with any questions at (802) 763-7593 and at info@alternativedairy.org. Happy milking!


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