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Some of our projects currently underway are:


Milk Testing Lab

We are seeking to expand our lab services to offer more of the tests that dairy farmers need. Our lab currently only tests for milk, but in the future we are hoping to test water, feces, and soil samples.




Milk Quality Label

While Grade A milk is regulated by the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance, which limits labeling, all non-Grade A milk producers can include quality claims on their labels. We want to create a Milk Flavor and Quality rating system to help the best producers distinguish themselves and to assist consumers in sourcing the best-tasting, highest quality milk.  



Dairy Directory

With so many small farms literally "off the map" across the U.S., we want to reach out as far as we can to get them listed and create a database of small dairy farms across the nation.




Raw Milk Regulations

As regulations are created or changed, we need to commit man-power to staying up-to-date on state by state raw milk reg's. 




Technician & Equipment Directory

Currently only in PDF form, we hope to make our Technician & Equipment Directory map-based just like our Dairy Directory, so that farmers can find the assistance they need locally.


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