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The Presence of Johne's Disease in US Cattle Herds

Feb 02, 2016
By Aaron Agnew Johne’s (pronounced Yoh-Nees) disease, also known as paratuberculosis, is the result of a bacteriological infection which occurs primarily in ruminants (animals that chew their cud and…

Bovine Leukosis Virus and its Relationship to Humans

Mar 22, 2016
By Aaron Agnew Bovine Leukosis was first described in the Baltic region of Europe in 1871.  At the time, since it was known to spread through a herd of cattle it was also believed to be contagious; however,…

Goat Milk, the Other Milk

Mar 25, 2016
By Aaron Agnew In the United States, when the term “dairy” is used it is most commonly done in relation to cow’s milk and the subsequent derived products (cheese, yogurt, etc…).  But cows are not the…

Sheep milk, the other other milk

Apr 08, 2016
By Aaron Agnew   Let’s continue our discussion of milk by looking at the other, other milk… An “udderly” fine alternative to the conventional options that we see in the grocery store.  A milk that not…

Toxic Plants and Herd Animals

Apr 15, 2016
By Aaron Agnew   For the past few weeks my focus has been on specific animals, goats, sheep, etc… For this week’s article I thought I’d discuss a topic that is relevant to any herd animal, the potential…

Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed Dairy Cows

Jun 20, 2016
By: Kelly Whitcomb   Recently I have been questioned about the differences between a grass-fed or grain-fed dairy cow. People want to know which feeding regime is going to be more beneficial for their…
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