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Streptococcal Mastitis

Sep 12, 2016
By: Kelly Whitcomb Streptococcus is a bacterium commonly causing mastitis in dairy cows. This organism comes in numerous species, placed into two separate categories: Streptococcus and Streptococcus agalactia…

Goat Milk, the Other Milk

Mar 25, 2016
By Aaron Agnew In the United States, when the term “dairy” is used it is most commonly done in relation to cow’s milk and the subsequent derived products (cheese, yogurt, etc…).  But cows are not the…

Bovine Leukosis Virus and its Relationship to Humans

Mar 22, 2016
By Aaron Agnew Bovine Leukosis was first described in the Baltic region of Europe in 1871.  At the time, since it was known to spread through a herd of cattle it was also believed to be contagious; however,…

Raw Milk Cheese and the 60 Day Rule

Mar 15, 2016
By Aaron Agnew   Throughout the centuries humankind has worked to shape the world around himself.  Whether this shaping was done by constructing shelter, harnessing the power of fire, or simply learning…

Economic Benefits of Direct Sales

Feb 26, 2016
By Aaron Agnew Locally based milk sales have been on the rise in New England, and other parts of the country, for quite some time now.  While some states have still not legalized the sale of milk directly…

Benefits of Seasonal Dairy

Feb 16, 2016
      By Aaron Agnew        Within the many debates and discussions that are currently taking place among US dairy producers, the concept of producing milk based on a seasonal cycle instead of a year…

The Presence of Johne's Disease in US Cattle Herds

Feb 02, 2016
By Aaron Agnew Johne’s (pronounced Yoh-Nees) disease, also known as paratuberculosis, is the result of a bacteriological infection which occurs primarily in ruminants (animals that chew their cud and…

Siberia Farms, micro-dairying for the love of it

Dec 29, 2012
Interview with AMD Member, Ed Morsehead of Siberia Farms in Maine. Can you describe your farm and farming philosophy? We are milking purebred Jerseys, some registered, some grade.  We belong to National…

Milking Goats Ups and Downs

Nov 05, 2012
We’re pleased to have our friend and resident dairy goat expert, Steve Reid as a contributor to the ADI Blog. Spring, summer or fall we need 240 gallons of milk a week for caramel production. As we near…

A Day in the Life…

Oct 26, 2012
…milking 4 jersey cows Operating a micro dairy farm is a part time job which can generate a significant part time income. As Steve Judge, President of AMD says, “You can’t make a living, but you can make…
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