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Streptococcal Mastitis

Sep 12, 2016
By: Kelly Whitcomb Streptococcus is a bacterium commonly causing mastitis in dairy cows. This organism comes in numerous species, placed into two separate categories: Streptococcus and Streptococcus agalactia…

Fair Season and Livestock Stress

Aug 23, 2016
By: Kelly Whitcomb As we continue through fair season and face the last few hot and humid weeks of summer, it is wise to keep in mind the risk of heat stress in livestock and the ways in which it can…

ELISA Testing: How It Works and Why It’s Important

Aug 03, 2016
By: Kelly Whitcomb The lab at Alternative Dairy Initiative strives to help farmers produce safe, quality milk while managing healthy, sustainable herds. Though milk samples arrive weekly to screen for…

Coccidiosis in Goats

Jul 12, 2016
With expected changes in the ADI lab, and wanting to offer fecal testing to our farmers, I thought it would be helpful to talk about a common illness found in dairy goats: Coccidiosis. By: Kelly Whitcomb Coccidiosis…

Roughage: Essential for Rumen Function

Jul 05, 2016
By: Kelly Whitcomb Dairy cow nutrition is constantly analyzed by its contents of protein, energy and minerals. We rarely take notice of the fiber we are feeding, whether it’s adequate, and the key role…

Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed Dairy Cows

Jun 20, 2016
By: Kelly Whitcomb   Recently I have been questioned about the differences between a grass-fed or grain-fed dairy cow. People want to know which feeding regime is going to be more beneficial for their…

Toxic Plants and Herd Animals

Apr 15, 2016
By Aaron Agnew   For the past few weeks my focus has been on specific animals, goats, sheep, etc… For this week’s article I thought I’d discuss a topic that is relevant to any herd animal, the potential…

Sheep milk, the other other milk

Apr 08, 2016
By Aaron Agnew   Let’s continue our discussion of milk by looking at the other, other milk… An “udderly” fine alternative to the conventional options that we see in the grocery store.  A milk that not…

How to Choose Cows for a Micro or Small Herd Dairy

Apr 05, 2016
By Steve Judge In a previous blog post, I made it perfectly clear that I believe Jersey cows are the best breed of cow for a micro dairy.  However, that is my opinion.  Other breeds will work as well,…

The Basics of Starting a Goat Farm

Mar 29, 2016
By Aaron Agnew   In continuing the discussion from last week I thought it would be nice to talk briefly about what it means to raise goats.  Not specifically the process of milking, but, instead, some…

VT Farmer Opts Out of Regulated Beef Slaughter

Mar 29, 2016
By David Gumpert Original Article written March 25, 2016 Many sustainable farmers have privately railed against state and federal rules that require cattle to be slaughtered in regulated beef slaughtering…
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