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Promoting the production of safe and delicious farm fresh milk nationwide.
Sep 12, 2016

By: Kelly Whitcomb Streptococcus is a bacterium commonly causing mastitis in dairy…

We are the Alternative Dairy Initiative.

We help farmers make and market fresh, delicious dairy products using humane practices. We test milk in our lab, offer consultations and workshops, and connect farmers with consumers. As a small non-profit, we rely upon the support of individuals and businesses to fulfill our mission. Join as a Member or Donate today. Read more about our mission.


ADI Update: Thank you to our newest sponsor!

MicroDairy Designs

We are grateful to Frank Kipe for his support.
Read more about MicroDairy Designs on the Our Sponsors page.

ADI Update: We just received a large donation!

"Not only do I want everyone to have access to safe, high quality milk, but small farmers need all the help they can get these days. ADI is working for farmers and consumers. Thank you for all your hard work ADI."
-Anonymous Donor
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